My Fifth Grade Friday Night

Like many other Wisconsin twelve year olds, a typical Friday night for my fifth grade-self consisted of basketball practice followed by Friday fish fry.  However, shortly after basketball practice, the similarities amongst other twelve years and me began decreasing.

My dad would sneak out of frying fish at Lori G’s Pub & Grill for a few minutes to pick me up from practice and take me back to work with him. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world-I got to drink all the soda I wanted, eat beef sticks, talk with all the regulars, and pester my older sister, who was a busser and waitress. Not to mention, I was Lori G’s favorite ‘Kurt’-I even earned the nickname “Stella”.

Twelve years later, I sometimes find myself doing the same things-drinking all the soda I want, eating beef sticks, talking to the regulars, and pestering my older sister. A few things have changed though-I haven’t heard anyone call me Stella in a while, sometimes I drink beer instead of soda, and Lori G’s was transformed into Ironwood Chophouse & Saloon.

Some of you already know who I am, but for those who do not-I am Amanda (the far right in the photo below). John, Lonni, and Cassie own Ironwood Chophouse & Saloon. John is my dad, Lonni is my step-mom, and Cassie is my older sister. You might also see Becca around-she’s our youngest sister (second from the left in the photo below). You used to see me bartending regular scheduled shifts; however now I usually fill is as needed-bartending, waitressing, and hostessing. I am also the voice behind our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


2014 Union Grove Fourth of July Parade with Cala, Becca, Heather, and Amanda

After some thought and a website update, Ironwood decided to start a blog! I plan on using this blog to both inform and educate you about Ironwood Chophouse & Saloon-including in house events, community events, “meet the staff” posts, recipes, menu items, behind the scenes adventures, and more!

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I hope to see you soon at Ironwood for GOOD FOOD, GOOD FUN, & GOOD DRINKS!