Racine County Fair Quiz | Free Ticket Winner

Racine County Fair Quiz | Free Ticket Winner

Free Fair Fun!

Over the last week, we have been hiding Racine County Fair tickets in Racine County and sharing hints with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where the tickets are hidden.
Learn more about our #FairFindersKeepers ticket giveaway here.

Free Racine County Fair Tickets Without Leaving Your Desk

We made the playing field a little more fair, and will give away a few #FairFindersKeepers fair admission tickets to someone who passes our Racine County Fair Quiz. Take the quiz below before 6:00 am on Thursday July 30th for your chance to win. We’ll notify the winner via email on Thursday July 30th by 9:00 am. (Quiz Below.)

A Deal So Good, It’s Almost Not Fair!

Make Ironwood your pit stop before or after the fair-we’re located 1 mile west of the fairgrounds on highway 11.

Not only are we giving away free #FairFindersKeepers admission tickets, we’re also giving away free drinks! Every day during the fair, stop by for buy one, get one free drinks at Ironwood. Every drink, every day. (No really, any drink, all day during the Racine County Fair!)

Racine County Fair Quiz

We used Quiz Works Online Quiz Creator and highly recommend using their site if you are looking to create a quiz, survey, or exam. With Quiz Works, you can pick when the quiz begins and ends-our ended on July 30, 2015 at 6:00 am so it is no longer available to view. However we wanted to share the quiz questions and answer with you!

Question #1: What new adult beverage will be sold at the Racine County Fair in 2015?


b. Margaritas

c. Vodka and Fresh Lemonade-now this would be good!

d. Mike’s Hard Lemonade-Mike’s is currently sold by the Racine County Fair.

The Kurt family (who owns and manages Ironwood) has been supporting local 4-H Organizations for many years by purchasing livestock raised by 4-H members. What type of livestock did the Kurt family purchase in 2014?

a. Steer

b. Swine

c. Sheep

d. None/Other-CORRECT ANSWER. Every year we try to purchase livestock from someone we are associated with-a friend, business associate’s child, customer of ours, etc. In 2014, we purchased rabbits and chickens from our accountants daughter. (PS: If you’re looking for an accountant, check our Expert Tax Solutions.)

The 2015 Wisconsin Fairest of Fairs was crowned in January.How many ladies participated in the 2015 competition?

a. 25

b. 40-CORRECT ANSWER (At least according to this photo we found!)

c. 45

d. 35

2015 Wisconsin Fairest of Fairs  Contestants

2015 Wisconsin Fairest of Fairs Contestants


Ironwood’s Racine County Fair Quiz Winner

We had tons of participants take our quiz, and even had 5 people score 100% on the quiz, however it appears like there might have been a little cheating. So instead of giving out one pair of tickets to a random participant who scored 100%, we will be giving out 3 pairs of tickets to anyone who took the quiz!
We used a random number generator to select the winners: www.random.org. The numbers generated were #4, #107, and #55. Congratulations to Jody Sullivan, Melanie Rasmussen, and Brittany Brownlee! You will receive an email with pick up instructions.