Why Bartending Rocks: Part I

Why Bartending Rocks: Part I

You’re thinking about getting a new job, a second job, a summer job, a fun job. But you still haven’t applied for that one bartending job!?

You haven’t ever bartended. You only know how to open a bottle of beer and mix a vodka lemonade. You heard bar and restaurant staff are ‘cliquey’-they probably won’t like you anyways. You thought neat was only a description¬†similar to orderly, immaculate, or tidy. (PS: it’s also a description for a drink.)

Stop making excuses-a bartending job is right for you. In fact, bartending rocks!

Why Bartending Rocks | What We Love About Bartending | Part I

It’s Fun.

Bartending is a very fun and social job.  People come to the bar to have a good time. You get to help them have a good time. Make a few drinks, chat with the customers, joke with the customers, listen to their stories, tell your own stories. Heck, you might even sing a little karaoke with the customers!

The Money Is Good.

Most of the money you earn will come in the form of tips, which are paid out after every shift. That means no more waiting for your paycheck to buy that new shirt-you will be walking out at the end of every shift with some extra cash in your pocket. On a busy night, you might walk out with a few hundred dollars in your pocket.

You Get To Meet New People.

The bar in one of the few places where anyone, and we mean anyone, can come and feel welcome. It doesn’t matter your race, religion, gender, ethnicity, job title, or age (21+), anyone can walk through the front door and take a break, have a meal, and enjoy a drink.

You’ll meet fascinating people with entertaining and intriguing stories to tell.

Like the ‘Tiger Tamer’: a gentleman who traveled around the United States for construction work and was in town to build Amazon. He had plenty of stories-maybe a little exaggerated-but all backed up with photos.

Or the group of teachers who stop in for happy hour every Friday afternoon to unwind after a long week. Or the guy who owns the Great Lakes Dragway and gives you free entry tickets when he pays for his meal.

You never know who is going to walk into your bar, but you can be sure it’ll be someone interesting.

The Schedule Is Flexible.

You’re not a morning person. You have another job and can’t close the bar at 2 am. You have a special event this Saturday. You’re going out of town in July. That’s OK! With over 20 varying shifts per week, most schedules and requests off can be accommodated. Not to mention, if something comes up last minute, most coworkers are willing to take your shift to earn a little extra money that week.


We’re accepting application for bartenders, servers, and bussers. Stop in an apply today or email your resume to ironwood.chophouse.saloon@gmail.com